Showcasing Your School & College Facilities

The Virtual Tour can beautifully highlight and differentiate your unique facilities within the school, whether it is your Library, Hall, Science Lab or Sports Ground. The Virtual Tour can be captured by the widest possible audience across the Virtual Tour platform. The Virtual Tour can also be added to your Website and Facebook page at no extra cost. It can also help to drive enquiries and applications. By providing an insight into your school, students can become more engaged and are twice as likely to visit in person, this can also lead them to shortlist your school as somewhere they must enquire about.

Virtual Open Day 24/7

The Virtual Tours are extremely useful for the many parents/students who cannot make your open day but wish to view your facilities. With Virtual Tours parents/students are able to view your school at any time as the tour is compatible across all devices whether it be your Smartphone, tablet or laptop. Equally, the tour provides an unrivalled point of reference for students who attended the open day, to reflect and 'revisit' your facilities.

Attracting International Students

Attract international students who do not have the opportunity to visit in person. Prospective students (and their parents) can now tour your facilities, replacing the student's apprehension with the confidence and excitement to make your school their choice. The Virtual Tour is not only accessible in the UK via google maps it is also available to the rest of the world no matter where they are.

Create Your Own Interactive Emails & Brochures

Create and send direct links to any point within the virtual tour via emails and PDF brochures. This would be useful for students that are inserted in a specific area which other schools may not be able to facilitate.