Have you ever wondered how you sell a property abroad without the client even going out to see it?

Now you can!!!

Virtual Tours invites prospective clients to see inside a property 360 degrees in stunning HD from the comfort of their own homes, not only that it also gives them a walk through the property as if they were actually there. Clients are able to get a good idea on space and the feel of the property. When buying a property abroad or at home, potential clients need to imagine what it would be like if they were to live there. The Virtual Tours allows them to go back to the same spot as many times as they like without the tension of viewing the property multiple times.

Easy process for Estate Agents

Virtual Tours enable clients to view a property as soon as it is available on the market. With the property market moving so fast, it gives the client the chance to secure their dream home before any potential viewing.

Photographs alone don't always show the interior to its truest form, the Virtual Tour capture the images and combine them to form a 360 degree view giving you the confident in what you are seeing.

Create Interactive Emails & Brochures

Create and send direct links to any point within the virtual tour via emails and PDF brochures.

Memories To Cherish Forever

With the Virtual Tour you are now able to see your property exactly as you left it. We at Trimax Global can put the tour directly onto a CD or even create a portal which client can view again and again; you can also embed the tour to a Facebook page so it can be share with friend and family.