Showcasing Your Hotel's Facilities

Hotels can be more than just somewhere to stay. Many people these days use them as meeting point, conduct Interviews, hold general meetings or just somewhere to have a quiet drink with friends after work, not forgetting the main purposes the rooms they have to offer. With such a wide variety of uses it is very important to show your hotel to its maximum potential. Virtual Tour helps you to do this effortlessly by showing customers your hotel at its truest form.

Virtual Tour can help to make up minds of those customers that are unsure of booking, by seeing the inside and what you have to offer, would give potential customers a good insight of what they can expect before they arrive.

If your potential customers were booking a hotel, how would they go about doing this? What would they look for?

Our virtual tours answer this primary customer question in a visual way like no other, exhibiting your Hotel in a stunning HD resolution taken by our Certified Professional Photographers, for potential customer to view across all web and social media platforms and more.

As people cannot visit your hotel before booking, the interior of your Hotel forms a very large part of a customer's decision making process. Virtual Tour are extremely useful in making a decision as this would allow you to showcase your rooms far better than any standard photographs. At the same time it also helps you stand out from your competitors. Most people search on Google or visit the Hotels website page directly, first searching for pictures and content of what the Hotel is like inside. It is only after customers are satisfied with this, that will they consider making any further enquires.

International Clients

International Clients now have the choice to see exactly where they will be staying, view different rooms to see which best suits their needs. The Virtual Tour has open up endless possibilities to attract any customers anywhere in the world thinking of visiting the UK.

On Your Website

Not only is Virtual Tour added to Google Maps, it can then be placed on your Website, free-of-charge, to provide customers with beautiful, interactive and stimulating content that drives sales and helps more than double your enquiries.

Out And About

The Virtual Tours are mobile compatible and integrated via the official Google Maps App, enabling people to discover your Hotel whilst they are out and about.